Nations Saved Through JESUS CHRIST one soul at a time

Dr. Naeem Nasir, the Founder / Chairman of Good Samaritan Ministries is a man whose heart beats in time with that of the Almighty God, being totally sold out for the lost. With a vision to see the nations saved through JESUS one soul at a time,  He is fixed in the view that each and every soul is precious to the LORD, so precious that JESUS would die for them. A born leader he has mentored a team of like-minded people to produce a ministry that is like a combine harvester in the mission for the souls of the lost. Your Prayers and partnership will help us to reach more people for The Gospel.

Share Gospel, Save Nations

In every way possible the nations need to hear about the Gospel of JESUS, spreading The Gospel of JESUS to the nations was not an optional extra for the more spiritual of Christians, but it was a command for all believers.  The end times are drawing in and we need to ensure that every soul upon the face of the earth has the opportunity to hear the Gospel and repent.  As believers we are all responsible for this. We arrange Revival Crusades in Pakistan where thousands of people come to hear The Good News of JESUS Christ.

What are you waiting for?

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