Every Eye Will See HIM Revelation 1:7

“ Behold, He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him, even they who pierced Him. And all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of Him. Even so, Amen. “  Our Vision is to preach The Good News of JESUS Christ to all nations and bring them into the light of JESUS Christ. Every Soul is precious to The LORD and we have to prepare HIS bride because HE is coming very soon.

“Over One Billion Speaks  and Understand 

Urdu / Hindi Language”

Revelation Television will be uncontaminated Christian Interdenominational Channel in Pakistan. Pakistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a federal parliamentary republic in South Asia on the crossroads of Central Asia and Western About 97% of the population of Pakistan identify themselves as Muslim.   In fact after Indonesia Pakistan has the largest number of Muslims than any other country in the world.   Over 75% of the Muslim population of Pakistan is Sunni with the majority of the remainder being Shia.  Christianity is the third largest religion in Pakistan with a population of 2.8 millions which makes up approximately 1.5% of the population legally identifying as Christian.  

Through Revelation TV Pakistan, we will be able to reach 4.4 Billion people in Asia via Satellite, plus we can reach Millions of people in Africa, in Middle East, in Europe and USA and North America, through www.Revelation.tv domain, Revelation TV App on Android and Apple devices will be available for cell phone users. We believe that we will be able to reach more than half population of our planet  earth with one message and that  is Good News of JESUS Christ and prepare HIS bride for HIS second coming.  I want you to be part of this. Lets Share The Gospel and Save The Nations.

In every way possible the nations need to hear about the Gospel of JESUS, spreading the gospel of JESUS to the nations was not an optional extra for the more spiritual of Christians, but it was a command for all believers.  The end times are drawing in and we need to ensure that every soul upon the face of the earth has the opportunity to hear the Gospel and repent. 

WHY Revelation TV in Pakistan ?

Revelation Television Pakistan will be great source of comfort to the persecuted Christians and hope for new faith seeker. I would like to request you to join with us in prayers and become part of Revelation Television Pakistan. Together We can win 7.4 Billion for JESUS. ” Every Eye will see HIM ” Revelation 1:7

I would like to request you that please Pray that LORD provide our all needs to start Revelation Television in Pakistan.  Our Biggest Challenge is Monthly Satellite Cost which is 8000$ US a month that we have to pay to satellite service provider to reach billions of people all over the WORLD. 

Lets Prepare HIS bride together because HE is coming very soon. 

If You would like to know about me and about my ministry work, Please go this link and you can read some information. 


May The LORD richly bless you

Your brother in Christ

Dr. Naeem Nasir
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