The Day of Salvation in Pakistan

Praise God for everything and all GLORY to JESUS. I am so much thankful to all of you for your prayers for this very precious meeting in my life. When a young girl saw eight visions nine months ago and she wrote her every single vision in her visionary diary and what astonished to us that God planned everything nine months before what we planned nine months later. Praise God. She wrote in her diary, about Time, Meal, Dress of Conference, Venue, Man who will share The Word of God, Topic of the Meeting, Topic of Conference, and Gifts from heaven. My Sermon Topic was ” Last Opportunity ” and purpose was to share with them about Salvation through JESUS Christ. After sharing The Salvation message everyone ran towards the altar and repented and gave life to JESUS. There were over 25,000 people in this ground and ground was full of hungry souls and thousands of souls were standing outside and hearing The Good News. I am much thankful to you for standing with us to win souls for JESUS. We gave 2000 Bibles to hungry souls and thousands of LORD’s Prayer Cards to people. Thank YOU JESUS and thank you all for trusting and standing with me. Lets share more Gospel and lets win more souls for JESUS together.

May God Bless you

Your Brother in Christ

Dr. Naeem Nasir

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