LORD Fill This Ground with Hungry Souls

The time has come now to do the work for soul. LORD fill this ground with hungry souls in JESUS name. Saw the dream long time ago about this ground and prayed to The LORD for HIS will for right time. How many of you are going to stand with us in prayers and support for this Mega Revival & Souls Winning Prayer Festival in Pakistan. I want hundreds of thousands to accept JESUS JESUS JESUS as their personal LORD & SAVIOUR. The Creator of this universe is going to do amazing and astonishing work through HOLY SPIRIT in many lives around the world in 2016.You upset is setup of God in your life for something great. Lets win souls for JESUS,help the poor,feed the hungry, give peace to broken and discouraged and most importantly SHARE GOSPEL AND SAVE NATIONS in JESUS name. Good Samaritan Ministries

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