Dr. Naeem Nasir’s Testimony

The most important thing that a person can do in life is to reach another with the Gospel of Jesus. This has been the heartbeat of our ministry since its inception in March 2009. I am thankful to God that I was raised in a home with God fearing parents, who taught me the principles of Christian living in the midst of hardship. As a young adult I became passionate about the things of God and eventually started to work for a Church in their office. After working for Church for 2½ years I developed a skin disease on my feet. The doctors warned me that if I didn’t give it complete rest and not wear any footwear for 3 months the disease could spread over my body and result in me losing the use of my feet. I was greatly shocked by this, handing my resignation in Church to ensure that I followed Doctors orders. Being so concerned about the possibility of losing the use of my feet, I turned to God in desperation making a vow that should HE heal my feet I would serve Him with the rest of my life.

Miraculously from that moment to the astonishment of my doctors my feet started to heal at an unprecedented rate. I was so happy, but did not forget my promise to the LORD. On the 20th March 2009 I received a phone call from a Pastor, inviting me to take part in a healing crusade. Being unemployed I had no income and was unable to pay for my journey. I asked God that if this was His will then he would make a way, true to His word financial doors opened and I was at the crusade.

Following the crusade I met with the pastors to share about my miraculous healing. They were amazed both by my testimony and by my desire to serve the LORD in sharing His word with people who do not yet know Him. I told them how God had led me to the story of the Good Samaritan and His desire for us to help those who are not already in the Gospel. Despite my age, they prayed for me and laid their hands on me. It was there that the vision for Good Samaritan Ministries was birthed. Coming home, with all these experiences in mind, and happy that God had given me a vision for GSM, I realised there were many challenges that I would face. I was worried about not having a salaried job, about my studies and about my family. I asked God to provide me with the wisdom and the strength to meet all these challenges. When my family heard about my vision they were surprised but very supportive. My mother committed to pray for me and my father gave me his life savings from the previous 20 years to support the work of buying Bibles, Christian literature and Supporting Prayer Meetings. However his savings  did not last long. God opened up ways for me to network with others to support the ministry. This is how Good Samaritan Ministries started.