Gospel Mission Trip to Pakistan 2017

“Nations Saved Through JESUS CHRIST one soul at time “Matthew 28:19

The Great Commission is not a suggestion or request it is Command of JESUS CHRIST to all of us who believe in Jesus Christ and who believe in HIS WORD. We are all responsible to share The Gospel in all corners of The Word. HE is coming very soon and we need to prepare HIS Bride. The Gospel Mission Trip to Pakistan in March and April is opportunity for

people from different countries who are ready to server God in mission field to invest their time, qualification, skills, teaching, degrees and most importantly to invest their lives for the Kingdom of God and win souls for JESUS Christ. There are so many missionaries and leaders who invested their lives for the kingdom of God in different parts of the World and people still remember them in the books of history because of their sacrifices to spread The Gospel.  Good Samaritan Ministries is giving a platform to people who are interested in mission to work here in Pakistan along with GSM Churches in Pakistan. These are two months for mission March and April and you are welcome anytime during these 60 days of mission for Gospel working with other missionaries from other parts of the World. If you are interested, you need to start the process of Visa because it takes some time for Visa and other preparation. Welcome and let’s win souls for JESUS and invest our time to spread The Gospel in Pakistan.

Are you ready to invest your life for The Gospel of JESUS Christ ?



Are you ready to invest your life for The Gospel of JESUS Christ ?

Interest of Ministry? (Check one OR more)

1- Preach in Revival Meeting
2- Women Conference
3- Leadership Conference (Pastors Leadership conference)
4- Youth Seminar
5- Visit to Orphanage and teach Children
6- Visit to Churches
7- Visit unreached areas
8- Sunday School
9- Bibles Distribution (You can distribute Bibles in Pakistan with your hands)
10- Food Packages For Poor Christian Families
11- Food &Clothes for Poor Christian Children
12- OR let us know about your ministry of interest that you want to do during your trip.

Requirement for Mission Trip to Pakistan

1- Valid Passport
2- Valid Visa to Travel to Pakistan
3- Funds for Mission work (Round Trip Ticket, Local Travel, Accommodation, Food, ETC)
4- Permission Letter from your Church or Ministry If you belong to a Church
5- Permission Letter from Your family if you are under 20.

We are all responsible to Share The Gospel and Save Nations.

Why we need this information?

We need this information so we can send you invitation letter so you can apply for Visa in Embassy of Pakistan in your country or state. If you need more information, please email us at nnasir@gsministries.org 

Dr. Naeem Nasir

Founder / Director

Good Samaritan Ministries



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