Best Gift on This Christmas

On 17th of November, during our Evangelistic Revival Crusade in Pakistan, where thousands of people came to hear The Word of God and hundreds of people received The Bibles, We did not have enough Bibles to give everyone a Christmas gift on This Christmas. We are praying and asking you to join us so we can distribute more Bibles during this Christmas season and give a Bible to hungry soul a Christmas gift. You can see in the video that everyone is trying to get a Bible.

How much does your Bible mean to you? To these believers, it would mean the world to have their own Bible, and to be able to read the Word of God. There is a great hunger for the Bible in Pakistan.

If LORD speak to your heart after watching this video to support this work of God, You can subscribe for  your monthly support towards Bibles for hungry souls in Pakistan. There is opportunity  for you to sow seed for Bibles and give a gift of Bible to someone on Christmas. 

You Can send your support for Bibles Via Pay Pal at